Keep Danksgiving Lit with the Best in Cannabis

If you’re like me, you might be slightly traumatized by how fast this year has zipped by! It’s practically Thanksgiving already, and I’m sweating it big time. I’ll be easing my holiday stress away with these fine cannabis offerings with a little sativa to give me the energy kick I need or a dash of indica to calm me right down or perhaps something in between. These products will get you sorted for all the prep and shenanigans that Thanksgiving always brings.

Long Beach Haze

If you’re looking for flower to get you through the family get together this year, allow THC Design to save you from the stress. With 26.2% THC, their newest limited edition strain “Long Beach Haze” is a hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese Quake. It has a sweet, fruity taste with hints of grape, sweet cherry, mint and lemon.

Long Beach Haze is fast acting and heavy hitting with uplifting and relaxing effects. Even better, it’s perfect for increasing appetite, so you’ll have a little bit of a boost for all of the food on the table! THC Design products are available in California. 

Live Ice Water Hash 

22Red‘s Live Ice Water Hash infused pre-rolls are here just in time for the Thanksgiving cool down. Flash-freezing only the best freshly harvested flower retains the original cannabinoid and terpene content. Then, the flower takes an ice bath, where the most active elements, the cannabis trichomes, naturally detach and are captured through a hand-filtered process. The result is a ridiculously high concentration of the most desirable cannabis compounds. Taste and enjoy these special 1gm pre-rolls, available in Arizona with 2 retailing for $35. 

Last Bite

Save the best for last this Thanksgiving with Gelato Canna Co.’s Last Bite edible. These mini chocolate-filled sugar cones are an elevated take on the “last bite” of a traditional ice cream cone. Small enough to crush up and sprinkle over a bowl of ice cream but big enough to enjoy solo, Last Bite delivers a potent high perfect for your post-Turkey festivities.

Each Last Bite is dosed with 10mg of THC through its chocolate-filled center with each bag containing 10 individual Last Bite cones. Last Bite comes in three flavors including Strawberry Chocolate, Cookies and Cream White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Caramel. Available at participating MI and CA dispensaries, Last Bite retails for under $20. 


Muha Meds’ Mavricks are just what the doctor ordered as you wind down from the big Thanksgiving feast. These solventless vapes are made with premium high-quality, single-source, fresh-frozen cannabis and are crafted with only water, ice, heat, and pressure to give you a true full-spectrum experience.

Muha Meds’ extraction method gives you everything the flower has to offer: terpenes, taste and the full spectrum effect all packed into a convenient ready to use device. Enjoy their Papaya, Mimosa, Chemdawg, GMO or Tropical Runtz strains! Mavricks retail for $25-$50 in California and Michigan.

As the year races to a close, combat Thanksgiving stress with these curated cannabis offerings. From Long Beach Haze to Gelato Canna Co.’s Last Bite, elevate your holiday with a touch of relaxation and euphoria. Muha Meds’ Mavricks offer a premium full-spectrum experience, making this Thanksgiving truly unforgettable.

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