Muha Meds Now Licensed In California & Available Through Multiple Retailers

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CALIFORNIA (4/27/22) — Following the success of its launch in Michigan’s regulated cannabis market, Muha Meds — a legacy cannabis brand that got its start in the traditional California cannabis market about three years ago — is now officially licensed for the California adult-use marketplace, and Muha Meds products are available through select cannabis retailers around the state.

The company received its California license (C11-0001088-LIC) in February and today, its products are available at numerous retailers including the Elevate dispensaries, Backpack Boys, and others, and plans for additional locations are also in the works. For other locations that carry their products, visit their Weedmaps brand page.

Over the years, Muha Meds products have been enjoyed by thousands of cannabis consumers — in California, the company’s biggest seller so far is its full-gram, live resin disposable, which is rechargeable and comes in a variety of eight flavors. Each live resin disposable carries a guaranteed potency of at least 82% THC. The company also offers full-gram cartridges in 14 unique and fantastic-tasting flavors. Muha Meds has conducted extensive research and development in search of the best smoking experience.

Company leaders said that while they chose Michigan for the brand’s first license because of the state’s retail- and business-friendly environment, they are especially excited about the California launch because it is the birthplace of the MuhaMeds brand.

“We’re just getting started, the community is really getting to see what they’ve been missing out on and the feedback has been tremendous,” said Muha Meds CEO Ali Gawari. “We have next-generation tech coming for solventless extracts, pre-rolls, and edibles. Everything that we do by the way is 100% in-house from seed to shelf — we made that a point when launching in CA and MI to ensure the level of quality we stand for.”

Visit to learn more about this legacy cannabis brand’s offerings in California and Michigan.

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